के तपाई दुव्लो हुनुहुन्छ ? आफ्नो तौल बढाउन चाहनुहुन्छ ? Are you under-weighted want to increase your weight? Follow these Steps:

के तपाई दुव्लो हुनुहुन्छ ? आफ्नो तौल बढाउन चाहनुहुन्छ ? Are you under-weighted want to increase your weight? Follow these Steps:

Understanding the steps and overall metabolism as explained in this article will help you to gain weight, build muscle EVEN IF YOU’VE FAILED BEFORE.

Question: I am underweight and I really want to gain more weight. How do I put on mass?
Scientifically, it’s an easy process. You simply need to consume more calories than you burn. If you do that, you will gain weight. It’s physically impossible for you to not gain weight.

Question: But I’m already eating a lot!
It’s probably true that you have a faster metabolism than the people you eat with, but you simply need to eat more.

Changing Basic Diet Helps to Gain Weight
Like many things, packing on mass is easier said than done. If you don’t already know how many calories you need to be consuming daily to gain weight (roughly 20x your own body weight in calories daily), figure out your minimum caloric intake using my calorie calculator and then eat a lot more than that. If you eat an extra 500 calories a day (one small mass gainer shakes) you’ll gain a pound of mass every week assuming you’ve got your metabolism in check.

Question: So I should I take fast food?
NO! The truth, of course, is that you can gain weight on a fast/junk food diet. It all comes down to calories. But if your health (and fat/lean muscle ratio) matters to you at all, choose nutrient-dense foods instead of junk foods. Nutrient-dense and calorie/energy-dense foods include legumes, nuts, seeds, olives, dairy, meats, seafood, and poultry.

Question: So, how about eating chicken, cheese, bacon, peanut-butter sandwiches with glasses of whole milk?
No; with gallons of whole milk. If you’re a real nutrition geek, try to keep a diet of 40% crabs, 30% fat, and 30% protein.
It’ll help to increase your meal frequency to six times daily. If you get two or three of those meals from mass gainer shake, it's really not any more difficult to stomach/get down six meals a day, nor is it tough to fit them into your schedule. Increasing your meal frequency will also help regulate and normalize the flow of nutrients into your body. You don’t want to be on a three 1000-calorie meal daily diet – you’ll be getting three sugar crashes a day and, most importantly, you’ll go catabolic – storing more fat and losing muscle mass. If you pursue your weight gain goal systematically, and plan your meals in advance, I guarantee you’ll gain weight. Remember: no matter how many times you’ve failed before, you know how to do it right this time. It’s impossible to not gain weight if you ingest more calories than you burn, and it’s simple with mass gainer shakes.

Question: How about Using Products such as "Mass Gainers" to Gain Weight Fast?

You don’t have to use mass gainers/weight gain supplements to gain mass. They work incredibly well but if you’re strapped for cash keep in mind that the primary purpose of weight gainers is to make companies money. I recommend you focus primarily on building an all-around weight gain diet from a variety of foods, and only then add a mass gainer.
With that said – whether you make them yourself or buy them – use mass gainers. They’re a life saver.

Question: What about Exercise?
99% of weight gain is achieved in the kitchen and in the lab. Make your body a machine, and then eat, eat, and eat more. Low-rep weight training, however, can help increase weight gains (partly by boosting testosterone). And, perhaps more importantly, exercise can help ensure that you gain muscle instead of fat (and, of course, you get stronger, which is great). Your workout should primarily be composed of large, old-school, compound exercises, such as squats, dead lifts, and bench presses. Work within a range of 4-12 reps. anything more serves to improve endurance, and anything less is pretty much just stupid to do regularly. One of the most under-recognized issues regarding gaining weight fast is that – when it comes to working out – more is rarely better. Keep your workouts shorter than an hour to prevent cortical spikes and don’t do those big compound exercises more than two or three times (at the absolute most) a week. Then immediately get out of the gym and eat something. More food is always better.

Question: How to Gain Weight Fast: The Bottom Line

Do everything bigger. Eat bigger. Lift bigger. Consistently, you’ll see results.

There are two supplements that have become powerhouses in the muscle growth scene. Both of these are vital for our bodies regardless of whether we’re gym rats or not, but they add a lot of helpful benefits for those of you who want to build mass and strength. These are protein and creatine. I’ve decided to do a creatine review because it’s the one that is more commonly misunderstood. People just seem to love to spread misinformation about creatine – and I don’t know why! It’s such a great supplement that I feel compelled to shed some light on the subject.

Creatine is an organic acid. That means your body makes it on its own. Bodybuilders and athletes take it upon themselves to supplement with over three times as much as they could derive from their diet and body processes in order to gain muscle mass.

Let’s talk about exactly what’s going on when you take creatine. There is a reason it’s become so popular over the years, and it all boils down to one thing: force. Taking creatine allows your muscles to exert more force than you are normally capable of, which translates to you lifting a lot more weight than you normally could. Think of it like this: in crisis situations, your body recruits every single strand of muscle fiber in order to help you get out of whatever situation you might be in. You’ve all heard of the stories of a grandmother lifting a car to save her grandchild. While I’m not saying creatine can cause this effect, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that our bodies are capable of much more than we see them do on a daily basis. Creatine helps our bodies use our muscles more effectively, recruiting more muscle fibers more effectively in order to help you push out a new personal record on any exercise you might be having trouble with.

Of course, with results like these there have been many scientific studies to determine if there are any negative effects to creatine use. These studies have overwhelmingly shown that although supplementing with creatine equates to taking over three times as much as “normal”, anywhere from five to twenty grams of creatine in a supplementation stack is completely safe and has basically no side effects whatsoever.

 One of the only things that you have to make sure to do when supplementing with creatine is to drink more water. It definitely pulls more water into your muscle tissues, so you have to make sure to add a few glasses a day to your average intake to make sure that you don’t get dehydrated. Dehydration is the only serious side effect but if you’re smart about what you put into your body, you’ll have no problem remembering to drink more water and avoid the problem completely.

That’s about all there is to know about creatine. For any of you that want to build muscle and strength, the last question I have for you is: why aren’t you taking it yet?

Dangers of Creatine
There has been a huge debate that has raged for years about the dangers of creatine and whether it’s effective enough to put into your body. While there are convincing arguments on both sides of the table here, when you really get down to brass tacks and look at the scientific data there is one clear winner. That is the side that says that creatine is essentially harmless and is a great way to add strength to your lifts, helping you burst plateaus quicker.

 The very first thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that creatine is a naturally occurring compound in our bodies. In fact, it’s found in almost any red-meat animal as well as some fish. We synthesize it ourselves in our own bodies because it’s a necessary compound for our bodily processes.

So why are we consuming additional creatine on top of what our body already creates and the extra that we consume from animal products? Isn’t this a dangerous addition that will cause serious harm to our bodies?

The short answer is no. If you use it safely and responsibly there are no side effects or dangers whatsoever. As long as you make sure to drink enough water whenever you’re taking creatine, you should be completely fine. Creatine draws more water into your muscle tissues, giving them a higher ability to create energy. This means that you’ll find the strength within you to do a few more sets or repetitions on any exercise you might be doing that day. Or, you’ll be able to increase the overall weight on all of your lifts while keeping the sets and reps the same.

Because it dehydrates you, there is a chance that you could run into some kind of kidney problems because of the way that it affects your urine. However, as long as you remember to keep drinking water – usually just a few extra glasses a day – your kidneys will have no problem doing the job that they were built for.

The last “danger” of creatine is not a problem of the supplement, but the person using it. Some people think that it is a godly supplement that will take them to their highest goals in a very short period of time. So, they think they can go into the gym and rack up an extra 50 pounds on some of their weakest lifts and be completely fine handling this amount of weight. While they might technically complete the lift, they can and will be straining their musculoskeletal system far beyond what it is used to while pushing yourself in the gym.


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