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Schizophrenia - Help is at hand

Schizophrenia - Help is at hand Adopted form leaflet by The Royal College of Psychiatrists. This leaflet is for: => anyone who has been given a diagnosis of schizophrenia. => anyone who thinks they might have schizophrenia. => friends and relatives of someone who has been given this diagnosis. In it you will find: => what it is like to have schizophrenia => what may cause it => the different treatments available => how to help yourself => some information for relatives. Why do we use the “S” word? “ Schizophrenia” is a word that many people associate with violence and disturbance. The media regularly use it in this way, although it is unfair and inaccurate. Many people feel stigmatized by being described as having “schizophrenia”. We use the word “schizophrenia” because there does not seem, now, to be a better one to describe this particular pattern of symptoms and behaviors. Even if you don’t find the use of this term helpful, we hope that the information

Opensource Web-Browser Collection

Here I present some open-source as well as open-source partner web browser. I have took both content and links from "Ubuntu Software Center". Some of these browsers may only be available for open source OS where as some may be for other's propitiatory OS too. Go to website links for more information and detail. I recommend Linux Users say, Ubuntu users to download softwares through "Ubuntu Software Center". ABrowser Browse the World Wide Web The ABrowser refers to the unbranded build of firefox. Install the firefox package if you want a branded build. Website Arora Browse the World Wide Web simple webkit based webbrowser using Qt toolkit. Originally based on the Qt demo browser to show the possibilities of Qt Webkit. Arora is a very basic browser that supports history and bookmarks. Website Chromium Web Browser Access the Internet Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet use