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Love and betrayal

Love padlocks  on the Butchers' Bridge in  Ljubljana , Slovenia. Image Credit:  Petar Milošević A strong feeling of affection is what Oxford dictionary defines love. Yes, it is an abstract that is intangible and can only be felt or make others feel. It is an energy - a positive energy that has the power to make the bond of a system more strengthen. Anything is achievable by love, it is free, shareable, and doesn't question the giver for a reason. Talking about the counter-balance comes the betrayal. Which seems more than an act then the abstract. A feeling of sadness or someone's intentional act follows the rest. Yes, it is a negative state of someone's state of work doing. It is a state of emotional breakdown guided by the personal intention for self-selfishness or ignorance to the big mistake. Love doesn't imply logic and understanding. It is said that the heart speaks in ways the mind could only dream. Love is a biological power which is caused by