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List of Run Commands for Windows7 Woks with Windows8 as well

I am posting a list of Run Commands for Windows7. This also implies same for windows8. Every Power User or Administrator should know those commands in bold as listed below. So if you know anymore new ones, Please Post them here hope this helps! Windows logo key + R Add/Remove Programs = appwiz.cpl Administrative Tools = control admintools Authorization Manager= azman.msc "New" Calculator = calc Certificate Manager = certmgr.msc Character Map = charmap Check Disk Utility = chkdsk Control Panel = control "New" Command Prompt = cmd.exe Component Services = dcomcnfg Computer Management = compmgmt.msc = CompMgmtLauncher "New" Date and Time Properties = timedate.cpl Downloads = Downloads "New" Device Manager = devmgmt.msc Direct X Troubleshooter = dxdiag Disk Cleanup Utility = cleanmgr Defragment User Interface = dfrgui "New" Ditilizer Calibration Tool = tabcal "New" Disk Management = dis