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That Day : A level of Fantasy (Writer: Bishal Guragai 'Arescobish')

I somehow managed to get myself out from the bed, as a clock near me started tickling at five and a half in the morning. When I touched my feet on the floor, I couldn't able to stand for a while, but I tried well and found me limping like an injured player walking off the field. It made me little scary because I have a long to go for the whole day. After having honey-lemon juice, I got a little up to mark. Later thought, it might be the result of my late night sleep. In a very short span, I electrified myself and a flamboyant look in a faddish dress flourish me little :P . Then, my mind started buzzing with a series of words: ‘Jamal’, ‘6:15’, ‘work’, ‘punctuality’ and much more. I packed my bag with my necessary accessories and got off from my room, it was already fifty past five. Shantinagar Gate is about 1 Km, from where I’m residing and need to catch a bus from there. Generally, it takes me around 10-12 mins. I knew, it would be very hard for me to be on time. Then, withou