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An Analytical Study of Three Childs' Irrigation Project

I went to a flash back this morning. Went back to a time when I was about six years or so. I felt sad for a stupid reason. I saw a pump-set, say a electric motor,  being used to drain underground water for irrigation. This reminded me 'Aayo' (did it come) and 'Aayena' (haven't come yet) game. The game of stupidity, the game of child's curiosity or say the game of nothing; I have no perfect explanation. Time was different then it is today. There was no problem for irrigation. Water used to run in the stream twice a year. Though it was a long journey for river water to make, but in absence of human exploitation to nature the journey was quite possible : journey through fields and overflowing through traces. Few kilometers of flow would even crossing an East-West highway and enter our village. This was a major and only irrigation back then. I am sure it's about a decade and one more to become soon. 500 meters of road had enough excitement to bring energy in f

Install font without font viewer in Linux Distro

Xubuntu and other Linux distros may not have font viewer. This forbids you to install fonts. However, we can install fonts without font viewer in Linux. Fonts can be installed in these simple steps. 1) Open Terminal and type sudo thunar type your su password [password isinvisible] 2) browse to File System --> /usr/share/fonts/truetype 3) Copying all fonts you are trying to install in a New folder. 4) Close Thunar 5) Go back to TERMINAL and type sudo fc-cache -f  6) Exit terminal with exit command. Your font is installed now.

Update kernel 4.0.1 in debian 8 jessie from linux-4.0.1.tar.xz file

Kernel version 4.0.1 was released few days before Debian 8 Jessie was released. Jessie is not packed with kernel 4.0.1 (stable). So updating is a cool idea. Step 1: Download the kernel 4.0.1 tar.xz file from and copy in Desktop Installation Process: Step 2: Go to Desktop directory cd Desktop Step 3: Run unxz tool unxz linux-4.0.1.tar.xz Step 4: Unzip Tar tar xvf linux-4.0.1.tar Step 5: Open Kernel Directory cd linux-4.0.1 Step 6: For a fresh installation, run make menuconfig Note: This might give an error message. Thus necessary library package needs to be installed. apt-get install libncurses5-dev Step 7: Run step 6 if it didn't work install all necessary packages, with sudo apt-get install fakeroot build-essential kernel-package ncurses-bin ncurses-dev Step 8: Run step 6 Blue screen appears. Check whether everything is OK. When finished - use tab to select "Exit" or "Cancel" Step 9:

I shall compare thee to a 'Pi.'

Preface I shared a post. She thanked me. Ultimately, this crap happened. Dear sis, Excuse me! I am dreaming and writing, same like traffic rule. I am writing my own life rule. Only reference I have is the never written 'Book of Stupidity – volume Nil.' I am conscious enough to distinguish between real and fake, but not abstract or real, nor virtual or real. At the same time I am feeling 'ups' and 'down' with mixed emotions. However, ringing the isolated and inactive section that may trigger upon abrupt interrupt is neutral idea. I rather call this action, an attempt to leak information form encrypted drive, your brain is what I am pointing to. Now the stupidity begins. This sounds recurring but never re-told. On mean time, our brain takes the shortcuts to understand the pattern. May I dare to call yours is an exception?Here, I am making a different approach to fool myself. In fact, I have both luck and experience doing so. 'Come