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How to get remote access to PC files by IP address?

Getting remote access to file is necessary for you not only when you are away. Sometimes it is required to transfer file to other person, but e-mail is not convenient. Sending only address where resources are stored with username and password is more suitable and your partners can at any time retrieve these files from your computer through usual web browser. We think, you can imagine many other situations, when direct downloading documents from remote PC by web browser are the only solution. And My Remote Files program can provide you required means. Step 1: You need to download My Remote Files' setup file from  My Remote Files   link. After easy installation, start program by double clicking its icon on desktop. You will see the main window   Open your favorite web browser. My Remote Files supports major browsers. (Almost all). In the address bar type URL of login page. When browser asks, accept server certificate. Web browser will com

Insipid Coffee

Read in Nepali Y ou ..........! Where are you heading to? Return home immediately otherwise I will take a good account of you. Second word was vulgar. Somebody shouted from a junction of a main road. It was a very harsh voice. I did not see the person. I could only recognize the matured voice of a woman scolding someone offensively. I was standing in veranda staring the people walking in the street. I would see them from front to back. All faces would be new. And whenever the street would be empty I would spit over it. "Why do you frequently throw spittle in the yard, don't you abhor of this. Look you have made these stains all over yard." These were my mothers' words. She used to scold me this way when I was in the house. Sister used to support mother and help her add more words in opposition to me. Father usually used to be in the office, so he was unknown about my habit. I understand now, it was own yard and own people scolding me. They loved me


The ways to speed up our computer is very easy. This can save our computer system from being hanged, disable and damaged. But people are ignoring this fact. When you are performing a valuable and important task and your computer gets slow down then you can easily get frustrated. So speed of computer is very necessary. Hey but don't worry! I have a solution for you. It’s your own fault that your computer is slow because you are unable to perform computer maintenance on it. It is your own responsibility to boost up your computer and make it run at its optimal performance. Don’t criticize about your computer. Follow these few steps below and fix your problem now. 1. Remove spyware, viruses and suspicious objects from computer   Spyware is a program which collects personal information without letting you know and without asking anyone's permission. They steal your all information that you provide to many websites in daily life. In addition to privacy concerns, sp