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Easy way to create USB bootable disk for Windows Vista or 7 without using any software

If you haven't been able to create a USB boot-able disk before then this method is helpful for you. It is literally 100% working, other thing remaining constant. It is simple guides to creating a boot-able USB drive for a Vista or Windows 7 installation. This will walk through the steps to create a boot-able USB flash drive for the purpose of installing a Vista or Windows 7 OS. These instructions has to be done in Windows Vista or Windows7 installed in yours PC. Resource and Hardware Required 1. USB Flash Drive (Minimum 4GB or More) 2. Microsoft OS DVD either Vista or Windows 7 3. A computer running either Vista or Windows 7 Step 1: Format the Drive The steps here are to use the command line to format the disk properly using the diskpart utility. [It will erase everything on your drive. Back up yours USB first.] 1. Plug in your USB Flash Drive 2. Open a command prompt as administrator (Right click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Com

Listen Parijat's "Sirish Ko Phool" Audio शिरीषको फूल उपन्यास सुन्नुहोस्

उपन्यास : शिरीषको फूल लिखिका : पारिजात (बिष्णुकुमारी वाइवा) स्वोर : अच्युत घिमिरे कार्यक्रम : उज्यालो एफ एम (श्रुति संवेग ) Shirish ko Phool is one of the best Nepali Novel of Parijat. Shirish is the beautiful flower, Shirish is also known as Mimosa. Parijat originally known as Bishnu Kumari Waiwa is great Nepali Novelist who has won prestigious Madan Puraskar for her great Nepali Novel Shirish ko Phool in 2022. Blue Mimosa is the translated version of the novel Shirish ko Phool which has also been adapted in the literature curriculum of some colleges in some English-speaking countries. This program was recorded from Ujayalo FM (Shruti sambeg ) with a very beautiful voice of Achyut Ghimire .I can't forget to that Achyut Ghimire's contribution for his talented voice.

Nepali National Song (Rasta Gaan) Three cute children singing