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I shall compare thee to a 'Pi.'

Preface I shared a post. She thanked me. Ultimately, this crap happened. Dear sis, Excuse me! I am dreaming and writing, same like traffic rule. I am writing my own life rule. Only reference I have is the never written 'Book of Stupidity – volume Nil.' I am conscious enough to distinguish between real and fake, but not abstract or real, nor virtual or real. At the same time I am feeling 'ups' and 'down' with mixed emotions. However, ringing the isolated and inactive section that may trigger upon abrupt interrupt is neutral idea. I rather call this action, an attempt to leak information form encrypted drive, your brain is what I am pointing to. Now the stupidity begins. This sounds recurring but never re-told. On mean time, our brain takes the shortcuts to understand the pattern. May I dare to call yours is an exception?Here, I am making a different approach to fool myself. In fact, I have both luck and experience doing so. 'Come