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Reason to smile. (Get well soon dad)

Reason to smile. (Get well soon dad) Dedicated to loving dad. Some 2300 km far away by distance and far by infinity in the scale of heart. Original concept by Samikshya (daughter), Edit and support by Ozone Sandip (son). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- We know the value of, Single word we speak of, We understand the importance, Thank you for the our existance. Do have trust in you, You the shade and the shadow, We never leave your hand, Like water and the sand. Trusting your ability, We pray with all eternity. Waiting you to return home, We pray to god with all hope. Be soon fit and fine as ever before, All happy our family of four. Holy crap! simple is the operation, Cut and throw this frustration. -- Thank you with kind regards, Sandip Niroula and Samikshya Niroula Website: Twitter: