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Safe Computer Workstation Layout #Health

Extended work with computers can lead to muscular fatigue and discomfort, usually in the back, arms, shoulders and neck. As well, if the computer is used for prolonged periods in awkward postures, there is a risk of musculoskeletal injury (MSI). This risk increases as the intensity of computer work increases. Frequently, the source of muscular fatigue and discomfort is the operator's posture while working at the terminal, and this posture is due in turn to the layout of the computer workstation and the furniture provided. The specific tasks and the intensity of the work are also factors. Computer operators may experience visual as well as muscular fatigue and discomfort. Symptoms include eyestrain, burning eyes, blurred vision and headaches. The layout of the computer workstation can increase the visual demands on operators, as can lighting levels and glare. WORKSTATION LAYOUT This section describes postures that seek to minimize postural demands. However, it  should be noted that

Increase torrents download speed

Transmission client in Ubuntu 12.04 What is torrent(s)? Torrents is a protocol that uses peer-to-peer network. It can be used to download huge chunks of data (say files) from the internet (www) with less risk of disturbance or interruption in the middle. Torrents clients like bitTorrent, Vuze, uTorrent, Transmission (in Ubuntu OS) are some examples. Torrents has a different way of functions. It does not download from a single download source but downloads by redistributing the file to multiple users who can act as hosts and servers at a same time. Speed of download may be directly proportional to your internet speed but you can make the following customization to increase torrent speed. NOTE: I use 384 kbps shared line; so some setting are c