Opensource Web-Browser Collection

Here I present some open-source as well as open-source partner web browser. I have took both content and links from "Ubuntu Software Center". Some of these browsers may only be available for open source OS where as some may be for other's propitiatory OS too. Go to website links for more information and detail. I recommend Linux Users say, Ubuntu users to download softwares through "Ubuntu Software Center".

Browse the World Wide Web
The ABrowser refers to the unbranded build of firefox. Install the firefox package if you want a branded build.

Browse the World Wide Web
simple webkit based webbrowser using Qt toolkit. Originally based on the Qt demo browser to show the possibilities of Qt Webkit. Arora is a very basic browser that supports history and bookmarks.

Chromium Web Browser
Access the Internet

Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web. This combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology.
Chromium serves as a base for Google Chrome, which is Chromium re-branded (name and logo) with very few additions such as usage tracking and an auto-updater system.

Conkeror Web Browser
Browse the World Wide Web
Conkeror is a highly-programmable web browser based on Mozilla XULRunner. It has a sophisticated keyboard system for running commands and interacting with web page content, modelled after Emacs and Lynx. It is self-documenting and extensible with JavaScript.
It comes with builtin support for several Web 2.0 sites like several Google services (Search, Gmail, Maps, Reader, etc.),, Reddit, and YouTube. For easier editing of form fields, it can spawn external editors. For this feature the recommended conkeror-spawn-process-helper package needs to be installed.
Despite its very similar sounding name, Conkeror is not related to the KDE web browser and file manager Konqueror in any way.

Browse the World Wide Web
Dooble is a Secure and Open Source Web Browser that provides solid performance, stability, and cross-platform functionality.

ELinks Web Browser
Browse the web in text mode

ELinks is a feature-rich program for browsing the web in text mode. It is like enhanced Lynx and Links. The most noteworthy features of ELinks are:

  1. Lots of protocols (local files, finger, HTTP(S), FTP, IPv4/6 etc.)
  2. Internationalized domain names
  3. Persistent cookies, HTTP authentication and proxy authentication
  4. Tabbed browsing, good looking menus and dialogs, and key-binding manager
  5. History browsing and typeahead searches
  6. Forms history and completion, and history in commonly used input dialogs
  7. CSS support and support for browser scripting (Perl, Lua, Guile etc.)
  8. Tables and frames rendering, and configurable color support
  9. Compressed and background (non-blocking) downloads, and download resuming

safe and easy web browser from Mozilla

Firefox delivers safe, easy web browsing. A familiar user interface, enhanced security features including protection from online identity theft, and integrated search let you get the most out of the web. Firefox features tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, built-in search, and live bookmarks. Also supported are popular plug-ins such as Java, Flash, and RealPlayer.

Links 2
Web browser running in both graphics and text mode
Links is a graphics and text mode WWW browser, similar to Lynx. It displays tables, frames, downloads on background, uses HTTP/1.1 keepalive connections. In graphics mode it displays PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and XBM pictures, runs external bindings on other types, and features anti-aliased font, smooth image zooming, 48-bit dithering, and gamma and aspect ratio correction.

Lightweight web browser
Midori is a lightweight web browser based on WebKit.

Its features include:
  1. Full integration with GTK+2.
  2. Fast rendering with WebKit.
  3. Tabs, windows and session management.
  4. Flexibly configurable Web Search.
  5. User scripts and user styles support.
  6. . Straightforward bookmark management
  7. Customizable and extensible interface.
  8. Support for extensions (written in C).
  9. Custom context menu actions.

NetSurf Web Browser
Browse the World Wide Web
NetSurf is a multi-platform lightweight web browser. Its aim is to provide comprehensive rendering of HTML 4 with CSS 2 in a small resource footprint while remaining fast.

Seamonkey Navigator
Web Browser
Seamonkey Navigator is a sophisticated graphical World-Wide-Web browser, with a large number of various browser features like support for HTML 4.0, CSS 2, JavaScript, etc. It also features tabbed browsing, popup blocking, and many others options.
Seamonkey Composer is a WYSIWIG HTML editor that lets you modify arbitrary HTML pages. It provides dynamic image and table resizing, quick insert and delete of table cells, and supports CSS and positioned layers.


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