Potluck: I share, you share, let's all share!

A little bit of everything. (Potluck dish)
A potluck is a gathering where each guest (participants of the group) contributes a different and unique dish of food, often homemade, to be shared.

Potluck can also be known by the name of potluck dinner, spread, Jacob's join, Jacob's supper, faith supper, covered dish supper, dish party, bring and share, shared lunch, pitch-in, bring-a-plate, dish-to-pass, fuddle, and carry-in.

Today I participated in the potluck for the first time. Potluck started at 12:30 PM sharp. I as a class teacher joined the students of class 6 'B' in the classroom itself.

Students brought a variety of dishes as a tiffin in a bit more quantity than that of regular days. The food they brought were in any form, ranging from the main course to desserts. Some brought the salad as well. They also brought a plate and a spoon each. 

The word 'share' is strong itself. I got to see the practical implementation. Yes, all for one and one for all. All bonded by the food and emotions while sharing. I felt the happiness that students feel. The positive energy could be seen, heard, felt, shared and ate at the same time. :)

I already wrote this was my first potluck experience. I can now analyse certain conduct that could make this event better, say healthier. 

- Members of the potluck should be conscious about the certain food that can cause allergy to them.
- Every member has their own likes, dislikes and taste; potluck, therefore, can be conducted as a buffet system.
- Avoiding direct hand contact with food.
- An abundant and mixed variety of food is hard to digest and can also yield food-poisoning.

To sum up, I found this event special and would like to thank school principal for this wonderful idea and opportunity.


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