That Day : A level of Fantasy (Writer: Bishal Guragai 'Arescobish')

I somehow managed to get myself out from the bed, as a clock near me started tickling at five and a half in the morning. When I touched my feet on the floor, I couldn't able to stand for a while, but I tried well and found me limping like an injured player walking off the field. It made me little scary because I have a long to go for the whole day. After having honey-lemon juice, I got a little up to mark. Later thought, it might be the result of my late night sleep. In a very short span, I electrified myself and a flamboyant look in a faddish dress flourish me little :P . Then, my mind started buzzing with a series of words: ‘Jamal’, ‘6:15’, ‘work’, ‘punctuality’ and much more. I packed my bag with my necessary accessories and got off from my room, it was already fifty past five. Shantinagar Gate is about 1 Km, from where I’m residing and need to catch a bus from there. Generally, it takes me around 10-12 mins. I knew, it would be very hard for me to be on time. Then, without thinking anymore, I started speeding up my pace. It was usual for me because my daily morning walk has boosted me a lot. When I saw my mobile's watch at Gate, it showed six. “Only 15 mins.” My restive mind thought so. "We are very punctual; don't be late for 1 min also. We wait for none." Their words bumped on my mind. That was a very hard time for me. A bus for Ratna Park came and I got on it. There is no direct bus for Jamal from Shantinagar. I have to get off at Bir Hospital and walk from there. The bus was on the pace. Oh no! There were traffic police on the way, checking the license, blue book and all. But, the bus driver didn’t stop on them, as none of the police ask him to stop. Thank God! When I got off from the bus at the Hospital, I saw my watch; it was already 6:13."Run Bishal Run". Don’t know from where the words stroke in my ears. Nobody was there behind me, or to my sides. "Ok, run". Those, boosted me a lot and then I started felting my leaping legs. I didn’t think what I was running for or what was making me to run. I only knew, i have to get there at 6:15 by hook or crook. Didn’t know, i could manage it or not. There is a dialogue in '3 Idiots' movie, “Life is a race. If you run fast, you will win. But if you don’t, other will step on you and leave you far behind." But later, Rancho had proved it wrong. Sure, if i had got him there, I would have slapped him (Jesting..). Ok! Finally, I reached its office gate of Jamal, clocked at 6:17. When I opened the gate, my eyes were also opened. Oh shit! I was dreaming. Hell!....


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