Poem: Marching Ahead! (2008) Poet: Diwas “Bishes” Siwakoti

After studying my friends diary. I came to the point his poems are unique and extravagant. I asked him a permission to publish one of is  poem which I liked the most. This poem "Marching Ahead" is a type of  dramatic play explained in a verse.  It is a very difficult situation to say good bye to a love one. Every  verse of this poem is concerned to persuading the person which poet  loves the most.  Saying "Good bye" and being far for three years is not that easy too.  But poet is able to do this and is successful in a very different way.  The title I found is best. Word "Marching" indicates being in  different position in future walking through the difficult course of  time now.
Poem: Marching Ahead! (2008)
Poet: Diwas "Bishes" Siwakoti, Software Developement student.

Marching Ahead!

My dear,
I am going far away,
A bit far away.

I am,
Marching towards abroad,
Leaving up,
You mine lonely love.

My life,
I say is so sorrowful,
I know,
You think I am a lovely fool?

Your photo frame,
Looking you,
I boarded the train.

In my eyes are full,
No problem,
I say my life is beautiful.

I need to leave you,
Don't I,
Take a chance to miss you?

Take care,
I knew you would tell me so,
Is it halted or slow?

To the whistle blowing,
Thats how,
Our love is growing.

Its life dude, don't get fear,
Of course,
I am here and you are there.

The precious one is you,
The only one is you.

Hey, I said you no tears,
Its just,
Few years and I will be back here.

Yeah! Thats what I say is best in you,
Keep waiting,
I will be abroad missing you.

Its simple,
Just count years as one, two and three,
Keep smile,
Mom, "My love for thee".


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