Most Essential English Slang Collection #Language

Do you want your English to sound "cool" and "with it"? Or do you want to understand the street English spoken around the world, then this list is for you! On this page you will find what might be considered the most essential slang. Words are arranged in alphabetical order, so just scroll down to check out the full list.
Hope this collection is fun for you.

airhead: stupid person. 
ace: excellent, great.
Adam and Eve - Rhyming Slang for 'believe'
aggro - short for aggravation or violence
amber fluid : beer
anorak - geek, nerd.
apples and pears - Rhyming Slang for 'stairs'.
armpit: dirty, unappealing place.
arse / ass [slightly offensive] (1): backside.
arse / ass (2): an unworthy person.
arse about/arsing about - to fool around
arse-about-face: something that is in a mess or crooked
arseholed: very drunk
arvo : afternoon
Aussie : Australian
awesome: great and impressive.
backhander (1): a payment given, normally in a secretive fashion.
backhander (2): hit someone.
ball (1): a fun time.
ball [slightly offensive] (2): a testicle.
ballistic - to go mad with rage
bang [slightly offensive](1): to make love
bang (2): a powerful effect.
banged up - to be put in prison.
bangers - another name for sausages.
barbie : barbecue, grill.
barf (1): vomit.
barmy - a foolish person, mad.
barney - row, violent argument.
beans: money.
beast [offensive] - an ugly woman.
beat: tired.
beemer: a BMW.
bent (1): a 'gay man'
bent (2): 'stolen'.
biggie: something important.
biker: a motorcycle rider.
bikkie : biscuit
bimbo - a young woman considered sexually attractive but of limited intelligence.
bird -  woman/girl/girlfriend
bitch [offensive] (1): a very unpleasant woman.
bitch [offensive] (2): complain.
bitchy [slightly offensive]: moody.
bitzer : mongrel dog (bits of this and bits of that!).
bladdered - very drunk
blag -  a robbery
bloke - man
blotto -  'very drunk'
blue (1) - XXX; dirty, hot, steamy, pornographic
blue (2): domestic fight or row.
bluey - pornographic film
boat race - Rhyming Slang for 'face'.
bod: body.
bonkers; go bonkers: crazy.
bonzer : great.
booboo: a mistake.
bovver - trouble, usually fighting.
booze: alcohol.
boozer (1): a pub
boozer (2): someone who likes alcohol.
Brahms and Liszt - Rhyming Slang for 'pissed' (drunk).
brass monkeys - cold weather
bread: money.
brew (1): tea or coffee.
brew (2): beer.
brill - short for 'brilliant'.
bull: bullshit; lie.
bullshit [offensive]: lie; dishonesty.
bugger - a mild form of abuse or an exclamation.
bunk-off - to be absent without permission
bunk-up - to make love.
bushed: extremely tired.
butt: the buttocks, bottom.
cabbage -  someone who is a bit slow or stupid
cakehole - mouth..
catch some rays: get some sunshine.
char / cha - tea.
cheesy: cheap; lacking in good taste.
chicken: coward.
chook : a chicken
chuck up: vomit
chuck a sickie : take the day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy.
ciggy - slang for cigarette.
cock and bull story - a rubbish story, nonsense.
(to) cop it - to die, to get into trouble.
cool: excellent; superb.
cooler, the: gaol; jail; prison
couch potato: a person who watches too much television.
cozzie : swimming costume
cranky : in a bad mood, angry.
crap [slightly offensive] (1): something worthless.
crap [offensive] (2): excrement.
crap [slightly offensive] (3): falsehoods and lies.
crikey - an expression of astonishment.
crust - money / wage.
cushy - easy.
dead cert - something that is definite.
deck: to hit someone.
dicey: unpredictable; risky.
dickhead [slightly offensive] - an idiot, fool.
dill : an idiot.
ding-dong - argument or fight.
dipstick - idiot, fool.
dirt: extremely bad person.
dirty: offensive; pornographic.
div/divvy - stupid or slow person.
doodle - something thats easy / no problem.
dodgy - dubious person or thing.
dog [offensive] - an ugly girl.
done over - beaten up
dope - a slow or stupid person.
doobry - a nonsensical word used when you forget the name of something
dorky: strange; peculiar.
dosh - money.
dosser - down-and-out, tramp.
down under : Australia and New Zealand.
Drongo : a dope, stupid person.
dude: a male.
dump [slightly offensive] - to defecate.
dyke [offensive] - lesbian.
dynamite: powerful; excellent.
dinosaur: something out of date or old fashioned.
earbashing : nagging, non-stop chatter.
evil: great; excellent.
eyeball: to stare long and hard at someone or something.
eyepopper: something or someone visibly astounding.
fab: fabulous.
face-off: confrontation.
fag [offensive] (1): homosexual
fag (2): cigarette
family jewels - Rhyming Slang for testicles.
far out - splendid.
fart [offensive] (1): an escape of gas from the bowels.
fart [slightly offensive] (2): an unpleasant person
fat head - an idiot or dull person.
fender-bender: small accident.
filth [offensive] - the police.
fit - sexually attractive.
five finger discount - shoplifting.
flaky: unpredictable.
flashback: sudden memory.
flick (1): film; movie.
flick (2): to give something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it or him/her
floating : intoxicated
floozie - a mistress or girlfriend.
flommox - confuse
flutter - a bet (on horse racing or football)
footie - Abbreviated form for football.
for crying out loud ! - a expression of frustration or anger.
forty winks - a short sleep or nap.
fox: attractive, alluring person.
freebie: something that does not cost money.
French kiss : kissing with the tongue.
full monty - 'the whole lot', everything.
full-on - powerful, with maximum effort.
funny farm - mental hospital or institution.
funny money - counterfeit money.
gaff - house or flat.
gander - to look at.
geek: an unattractive person who works too hard.
get it: to understand something.
glitch: flaw.
gobshite [offensive] - someone who talks rubbish all the time.
go bananas: go slightly mad.
good onya : good for you, well done
goof (1): make a mistake.
goof (2): a silly and foolish person.
goof off: waste time.
goof up: make a mistake.
goofy: silly.
Gordon Bennet - an exclamation.
grand: one thousand dollars.
grass: marijuana.
greaser - slang name for a 1950's style man.
grog : alcohol, beer.
grub: food.
grubby: not clean.
grungy: unclean and stinky.
gut: a person's stomach; belly.
guts: courage.
gyno - gynaecologist
hacked off - fed up, annoyed.
hairy: difficult; dangerous.
ham-fisted - clumsy.
hammered - drunk.
handcuffs: an engagement ring or wedding ring
hang a left: make a left turn.
hang a right: make a right turn.
headcase - mad
hep: sensible; informed.
her ('er) indoors - wife, girlfriend.
hickey: a love bite on the skin.
hip: sensible; informed.
hole in the wall -  a cashpoint machine or bankomat.
hoo-ha - trouble; commotion.
hooker: prostitute.
horny:  in the mood for sex, sexually stimulated;.
hot (1):  sexy.
hot (2):popular.
hottie : hot water bottle
huff - bad mood.
humungous: really big.
hump (1) - to have sex.
hump (2) - bad mood.
hyper: overly excited.
icky: unpleasant.
I.D.: identification.
iffy - dubious, doubtful.
I'm outta here: I'm leaving; I'm departing.
in: fashionable.
ivories: teeth.
jack around: waste time.
jam (1): trouble.
jam (2): improvise (musically).
jamming, to be : going well.
jammy - lucky.
jerk: stupid or annoying person.
jock: someone good at sports.
K : a thousand.
keep your hair on - "keep calm".
kick back: relax and enjoy.
kick the bucket: die.
kip - sleep.
knackered - exhausted.
knees up - party.
knock: condemn, criticise.
knockout: beautiful woman; handsome man.
knock back : refusal (noun), refuse (transitive verb)
kook: peculiar person.
kraut [slightly offensive] -  German
laid back: relaxed; calm.
lairy - loud, brash.
lame: incompetent.
legless - very drunk.
limp wristed - a  gay man.
lip: cheeky talk.
loaded - someone with a lot of money.
loo : toilet
loser: a bungling and worthless person.
lost the plot - crazy/mad.
love handles: excess fat around the waist.
luvverly jubberly - wonderful, great, all is well.
make waves: cause problems.
malarkey - nonsense.
mate - friend
max, to the : maximum.
mega: big.
megabucks: a large amount of money.
mellow: relaxed.
mickey-mouse: unimportant; time-wasting.
minger [offensive] - an unattractive person (usually female).
mongrel : despicable person
moonie [offensive!] - to show one's bottom (arse) to unsuspecting onlookers.
moose [offensive] -  an ugly girl.
mozzie : mosquito
mug : a gullible person.
naff - something which is cheap and nasty.
naff off - a milder version off fu*k off.
nancy (nancy boy) - a homosexual.
nark - a police informer.
narked - to be annoyed.
neat: cool; great.
nick - to steal.
nipper - a small child.
no-hoper - somebody who'll never do well
nosh - food.
not cricket - not normal or correct.
not all there - someone who is stupid, not bright intellectually
not half! - cetainly, for sure.
not the full quid - someone who is stupid, not bright intellectually.
nuke (1): nuclear weapon.
nuke (2): destroy; delete.
nuke (3): cook something in the microwave oven.
nut (1): odd or crazy person.
nut (2): someone passionate about something.
nutter - crazy person.
nuts [slightly offensive]: testicles.
nutty - eccentric.
off your face - to be very drunk.
out of your tree - crazy, drunk or stoned.
pad: someone's home.
pants (1) -  an exclamation of frustration.
pants (2) -  bad or rubbish.
party: celebrate.
party animal: someone that loves parties.
paws: hands.
peanuts: very little money.
pee: to urinate.
pickled: drunk.
pig out: eat too much.
pigs ear: to make a mistake with something.
piss [slightly offensive] - to urinate.
pissed - drunk.
pissed (off): angry; upset.
piss-head - a habitual drinker or alcoholic.
piss-up - a big drinking session.
plank - an idiot.
plastered: drunk.
plonker - an idiot
pad: someone's home.
plonk (1) : cheap wine
plonk (2): sit down - as in "plonk your arse down there".
poop [offensive]: defecation; shit.
poop out: get tired and quit.
postie : postman
pot: marijuana.
prezzy : present, gift
pro - someone who's good at something; professional.
psycho: crazy person.
puke: vomit.
pumped (up): excited.
queer [slightly offensive] - a homosexual.
rabbit - talk.
racket (1): noise.
racket (2): an occupation.
racket (3): something that's dishonest or deceptive.
rat: a despicable person.
rat-arsed - drunk.
rear (end): buttocks.
(a) riot - something or someone very funny.
rip off (1): stealing.
rip off (2): fraud.
ripper : great, fantastic
rocking: great; excellent.
roll up - a hand rolled cigarette.
rosie lee - tea
rubbish: nonsense; not true.
ruck - a fight.
rug - wig, toupee.
rug rat: a child.
rum - odd, strange.
runs, the: diarrhoea.
scoff: to eat.
screw up: to make a mistake.
screw-up: a person who makes a mistake.
scum (offensive] - a despicable individual.
shades - sunglasses.
shag [slightly offensive] - to make love.
shagged-out - to feel tired.
shed-load - a huge amount.
shite - milder variation of the word shit.
shitfaced [slightly offensive] - very drunk.
shithead [slightly offensive]: a stupid, impolite person.
skint - to have no money
skosh - a little bit.
slapper [offensive] - a loose or easy woman.
smeghead - an idiot.
snog - to kiss
snookered: cheated, stuck.
solid (1): really good; cool.
solid (2): consecutive.
specs: eyeglasses.
split: to leave.
spunk [offensive] (1): semen
spunk (2): spirit.
spunk (3): an attractive man.
stoned: drunk from drugs or alcohol.
stunner - a very good looking woman.
street smart: knowledgeable about city life.
strewth : exclamation
 (I'll be) stuffed : expression of surprise
suck: to be bad and unacceptable.
sunnies : sunglasses
swagman : tramp
sweet - excellent, cool.
ta - thanks.
tacky - something of poor taste or style.
tanked (up) - to get very drunk.
tea leaf - Rhyming Slang for thief.
telly - television.
thick as shit [offensive]- very stupid.
thick as two short planks [offensive] - very stupid.
thingo : Wadjamacallit, thingummy, whatsit, something you don't know the name of!
thou: thousand.
threads: clothing.
ticker (1): the heart.
ticker (2): a watch.
tiddly - slightly drunk.
toss-pot [slightly offensive] - idiot.
totally: really; completely.
to the max: maximum.
troll -  an ugly girl.
(the) trots - diarrhoea.
trouble and strife - Rhyming Slang for 'wife'.
trout [offensive] - unattractive woman
turkey (1): failure; flop.
turkey (2): dumb person.
turn-off: something that repulses a person.
umpteen: many; countless.
up for it - to be willing to have a good time.
up the duff - to be pregnant.
Uncle Tom Cobley and all - a phrase meaning 'everyone'.
uptight: nervous; anxious.
veg out : relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)
wad: a lot of money.
wanker - an idiot or an unpleasant person.
wasted: killed.
weed (1): marijuana.
weed (2): someone who is weak.
wheels: car; motorcycle.
whiz: someone who shows a special talent for something.
wicked - excellent, cool.
wimp: weak; feeble.
wimpy: weak.
wind up - to tease.
winks: sleep.
wuss : coward
x-rated - pornographic.
yabber : talk (a lot)
Yank: an American.
yob - a horrible or uncouth young man.
zeds - sleep.
zero - an unimportant person.
zilch - nothing
zip (1) -nothing.
zip (2) - energy; vigor.
zip it - shut up.
zit: pimple; acne.


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