Two Haiku written by Samikshya.

These Haiku were written by my sister, Samikshya Niroula. I found them in her statistics exercise book. And I have kept English translation too. English translation is set to meet the "Nepali to English" meaning only.

खल्तीप्मा पैसा
धनीको छोरो म-र्यो
कुपोषणले ।

Money in pocket

richer' son died
due to malnutrition.

खोलामा पौडी
मन्दिरको बाहाना
चप्पल भेटी ।

Swimming in river
temples' pretext
offering slippers.


  1. Replies
    1. अँ त बहिनी, खान्दान कै पो नाम अायो त भन्या ।

  2. kura ta thakai ho tara khoi k khoi kkkk

  3. बहुत सुन्दर छ ।

  4. :
    अनुबादको पाटोलाई अझ-ससक्त बनाउनपर्ला ओजन जि! #राम्रोछ


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