Love and betrayal

Love padlocks on the Butchers' Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Image Credit: Petar Milošević

A strong feeling of affection is what Oxford dictionary defines love. Yes, it is an abstract that is intangible and can only be felt or make others feel. It is an energy - a positive energy that has the power to make the bond of a system more strengthen. Anything is achievable by love, it is free, shareable, and doesn't question the giver for a reason.

Talking about the counter-balance comes the betrayal. Which seems more than an act then the abstract. A feeling of sadness or someone's intentional act follows the rest. Yes, it is a negative state of someone's state of work doing. It is a state of emotional breakdown guided by the personal intention for self-selfishness or ignorance to the big mistake.

Love doesn't imply logic and understanding. It is said that the heart speaks in ways the mind could only dream. Love is a biological power which is caused by hormones. Another form of love like attraction, passion sometimes becomes a nature of a person which becomes impossible to control. Love is easy to manipulate, transform and share. Romantic is what love own and betrayal the dramatic. Love is sacrificial. This brings happiness of another. Betrayal is the form of war and victory is the target. People cross their limit to do true love.

As I mentioned earlier, both love and betrayal are counter-balance to each other. They form a state of the balanced system which is at risk of breaking down at any moment. Humans have a nature going through a series of complex situations. This continues even in the state of unconscious. The subconscious mind controls the activity which directly or indirectly affects the workability of the conscious brain. This system is natural and helps to overcome daily challenges. Love generates a chain of positiveness whereas only the image of betrayal makes our brain think of the negative side. Betrayal questions, where love is free of reasons. Love integrates when it come into implementation, betrayal, however, is imposed into another which shrinks the concept of self-awareness.

Before dealing with love and betrayal is not an easy task. Love tends to accept whereas betrayal tends to reject. Love is felt accepting the way love coming to existence without changing its form, whereas betrayal is overcome by forgiving the person. Our feeling should not depend upon how people judge us.

Self-understanding is most important. We learn this by experience. Love tends to change and adopt a new form which repairs a relationship. This change brings an emotional strength. On the betrayer side, it is not about bad behavior it's about not being able to take control of emotional well-being. The most severe aspect of emotional pain is the sense of powerlessness. Here, forgiveness has the ability to taking back power over the emotional life and heal the badness. Forgiveness is not an act of dominance it's about the courage. It makes the offender responsible for the offense and makes him/her accountable for the negative effects of the offense. They are supposed to learn a lesson. If the process go fruitful, and time is healed and forgiveness does may earn the relationship back. Trust is established with some issue within.

The sense of contradictions both love and betrayal brings upon life is something permanent. Both love and betrayal tend to change. The logical and emotional perception of personal sense the change in their own way. Lastly, the popular sayings, all is fair in love and war means that people to put laws of self-understand and be free. There is no boundary for love to share but betrayal is limited.


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