Tuesday, August 30, 2016

घर तथा अफिसको इन्टरनेट सुरक्षित बनाउने तरिका

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Norton ConnectSafe DNS (Domain Name System) is a free service that provides a first layer of defense by blocking unsafe sites automatically.
It provides basic browsing protection and content filtering for all Web-enabled devices on your home / office / workstation network.
DNS setting can configure your network router (Wi-Fi or directly connected) to use Norton ConnectSafe. All computers and devices that connect to the Internet through this router will use Norton ConnectSafe with the selected protection policy.

Policy 1 :
Security (malware, phishing sites and scam sites)
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

Policy 2 :
Security + Pornography
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

Policy 3 :
Security + Pornography + Other (mature content, abortion, alcohol, crime, drugs, file sharing, gambling, hate, suicide, tobacco or violence)
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

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