Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Mongolian Farmer (Maybe: Story)

In the night the neighbors came together and expressed their sympathy for the bad luck of the farmer who had lost his horse.
“Maybe”, said the farmer.
The next day the horse came back and brought with it six other wild horses. So the neighbors united and went to congratulate the farmer for his good luck.
“Maybe”, said the farmer.
The following day his son put the saddle on one of the wild horses and tried to mount it. The horse threw him down and he broke a leg. Again, his neighbors assembled and talked about the terrible accident that had happened
“Maybe”, said the farmer.
The next day soldiers came and took along all the young men to recruit them and left behind only the farmer’s son with the broken leg.
When his neighbours came to congratulate him again for his good luck.
“Maybe”, said the farmer.


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